Did Slack really not see it coming?

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” — The Art of War

It’s a tough time to be in tech. Forget about the lavish Silicon Valley parties and the auto-celebratory David Fincher’s movies––it’s hard to swim upwards when the pond is full of new upcoming fishes. Things get even tougher when the pond is full of hungry sharks waiting to snatch the prey right under your nose.

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Why You Care About Climate Change And Do Nothing.

“Try to talk to anyone about climate change and people just tune out. They might have picked the wrong guy.”

This week Leonardo DiCaprio released his long-awaited documentary on climate change in partnership with National Geographic. The documentary has already accumulated over 4 million views. (You can stream it on YouTube until Nov. 6th)

Those views may not impress a media platform where gamers and make up artists score millions of views with 3-minute vlog diaries and edited rants — but it is surely drawing attention for a topic so unsexy as climate change.

In fact, what is it about climate change that refrains everyone from talking about it?

It can’t be just blatant ignorance.

In fact, A World Bank study found that people’s attitudes towards the effects of global warming are actually quite okay: everyone agrees that it is indeed a serious problem.

But the study shows something quite interesting. High-income and fossil dependant countries, like the U.S, Russia and China, are also the countries who snob climate change the most. They present minorities within the population who are strongly opinionated on climate change: they don’t believe in the scientific claims; nor do they see the effects with urgency.

Is it blinding ignorance? Is it pure evil?

We know it’s bad. Then why do we keep buying it?

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