Before we start: WHY?

On why I have decided to use my challenge my ass to do something different every day.  

I don’t know about you but I am feeling 22 and not everything is quite alright like you promised, Tay Swift.

Being a young person in 2015 is so dreadful and frustrating sometimes, because we have grown into believing that “the world is our oyster” and you just have to “work hard and good things will come your way”. Well, I don’t know if the person who said that must have been on a sugar high, or watched too many episodes of Spongebob Squarepants, but I am pretty sure that the world that we so waited to arrive past the gate of childhood is very do you say, disappointing.

Unemployment is on a sugar high too; scoring a position in a graduate program is as competitive as flying to the Moon and the government is not really greasing up the slippery slope we are diving to, since education is becoming more and more restrictive and no matter how glossy they make it seem at careers fair, the job market is saturated and with fewer opportunities.

Now you might be like, wow, pal, you are so motivating!

Yeah, but dude you gotta see the real facts before you rise up like Fawkes (the Phoenix) from Harry Potter and save yourself from the Chamber of Secrets, before the Basylisc (Capitalism) eats yo ass.

When I graduated from a bachelor degree in December 2014, I knew from the moment that I stepped down from that stage that my whole life would have changed; because different doors open, opportunities come at you and bla bla, and I didn’t expect anything exciting (I studied Economics, so fully aware of the job market since my very first day of uni), but it is now APRIL and I can proudly say that…what is my life right now?

In the last few months I have been keeping myself busy by working at a casual job, exercising when I felt like it (never), hanging out with friends and reading an obscene amount of books, but every day it’s always the same thing. I wake up with this crippling fear of wasting time, of not being good enough, or successful enough and the first few times of feeling like this is kind of manageable, because you know it’s normal to be feeling like this when you are 90s kid. But it comes to a point where the real stuff comes out – MONSIEUR BOREDOM.

Boredom is a terrifying beast that I have been trying to battle for over 22 years, by doing an obscene amount of tasks at the same time and ending up passing out of exhaustion in my tiny bed. (By obscene amount of things I mean playing the Sims 2, exchanging my Pokemon cards, eating Oreos and playing Harry Potter).

Boredom creeps behind you when you least expect it and it seriously turns you into your old pre-pubescent self. Everything sucks, everything is pointless and you just sort of mope around the house, sighing and listening to My Chemical Romance (if not them, it has to be another 2008 emo band), wishing that you were still taking unflattering pictures of yourself in your bathroom to put on MySpace.

And to be honest with you, friend, boredom has been my number one homie lately. No matter how productive I am, or how much I work during the week, I still feel so freaking bored out of my mind.

So some hippie lady told me the other day that I should “spice up your life you know….travelling would make you feel so much better”. I know from all the inspirational posts that I see scrolling through Travelling Instagram profiles that you have no excuses to travel. Well, I got an excuse. I CAN’T GET OUT OF AUSTRALIA, HIPPIE LADY! AND I AIN’T GOT THE MONEY!

So I really had to come up with something that would spice up my life. Take up a new hobby? Write a book? Become a politician? I mean, if Tony Lizard Abbott did it, maybe I could.

But then I thought, the real issue here is that a)I am a lazy ass, b) I am feeling to comfortable to do anything, c) I need to step up my game.

There are so many things that I could be doing with my time every day, but I don’t do them because I am seriously too comfortable on the couch overlooking the ocean (I mean, why would you leave the house), but I sort of realized that – I will never have the same amount of health and spirit that I do now later, because like a good friend says – we are all dying.

So this is it. This is the perfect excuse to actually do something with my time, whether it’s small or huge, but it is a step towards something.

When you live with constant anxiety, or boredom, or any sort of big cloud over your head, the smallest things in life seem to be the most difficult to accomplish. Taking the first step is the only way to get out of your comfort zone.

So can I get a holla and let’s start with this!

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