#MAKEMEFEELBETTER: A Brief History of Everything (yourself included)

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, aka the most badass and super smart astrophysicist of this universe we live in has  just starred in a cute animated video, explaining a brief (8-minutes!) story of the universe till the days of our evolution.

Even if science is not your cup of tea, I have yet to meet somebody who hasn’t been enchanted by Tyson’s soothing voice and engaging narrative. COSMOS, his science documentary show, is one of the most rated and watched shows of all time and it so specifically because of his way of telling complex scientific theories and discoveries about the universe and making them sound like a Harry Potter audiobook.


Sometimes we are so caught up within the boundaries of our own chaotic and complex minds, that it gets more and more difficult to take a breath and find clarity and perspective.

A soothing voice and an idea that stimulates you to think beyond your emotions and put things in perspective on a wider scale (i.e like the universe expanding) can help you release stressful thoughts, anxiety symtoms and make you feel better about the place that you take in this world.

Learning about the universe is not just interesting, but it can help you putting things into perspective; learning that we all come from accidental and incredible chaos, so we have got to recognise that very same principle of chaos through a tough time and know that it’s won’t always be temporary.

The #MAKEMEFEELBETTER section of the blog is to share content that can positively impact the day of the readers. It’s like a quick-fix for your morning dreadness at work. 

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