Settle down, this isn’t a guide on how to survive the horror that the second book of the Twilight series is; nor a how-to guide on keeping your secret identity of a werewolf hidden from your friends à-la Remus Lupin (Harry Potter).

Apparently a new moon phase is serious business. I learned it from personal experience, when my mother used to make me chant and drink the water from a glass that had been sitting under the moonlight from the night before. (it tasted fine and yes, I still felt grumpy afterward).

But seriously, what is this new moon business?

Every time there is a new moon we feel a bit unsettled, perhaps full of an energy that almost seems foreign to us. We yell at customer service people because they didn’t get our lattes’s froth right; we punch through the computer desktop after Excel has crashed for the 10th time. Did we somehow become horcruxes for the Dark Lord? Is Lilith possessing our body? Are we perharps losing our minds?

No, it’s the moon. (But it also could be an extreme overreaction and overgeneralisation of the stressful situations we might be going through).


After 28 days of glorious moonshine, the moon ends her cycle and starts a new one. A NEW MOON is the first phase of its cycle and it is believed to be a starting point, an amazing opportunity to set intentions and start fresh. It’s like deleting that annoying person on Facebook who keeps inviting you to play Candy Crush. Then after a waxing moon (continuing actions that have been started etc), we get to the FULL MOON PHASE.

Full Moon phase is like do or die in the moon-universe. It collects a great amount of energy and it is blasted onto us to be used and released into the things that need it. That’s why you have been feeling like you were a bit on the edge today; maybe it was the 6th cup of coffee that you had before lunch time, but trust me. Lunar energy is incredibly powerful.

Because it’s a great deal of energy that is being drawn to us from the big moon, a full moon means only one thing: RELEASE THAT SHIT.

It is a time to think over all the things we are attached to, all the tiny remarks and actions that we have passive-aggressively taken on; and just let all of that baggage go. Sounds good right?

Well, take every month to do that and you will be surprised by how less stressed and more in tune with yourself and your life you have become.


  • Meditate. Light some candles, get your butt on the comfiest pillow and add some incense if you are feeling even more adventurous. Meditating during a full-moon phase is a way to organize all that energy that is floating around you and sort of directing it into other things. There are plenty of meditations available on YouTube, but my favorite is just the simple good, old counting your breathing and letting all the nasty thoughts leave your mind. (Picturing your problems as clouds that float away from you is a very powerful tip for when you’re meditating).
  • Write down your goals and your plans to tackle them. Like I said, full moon is about letting things go, but it’s also about using all of this energy to attack, and your goals should be your number one priority. Attack them by writing down the emotions, the people and the things that you feel like they are slowing you down from achieving them; and just let it go. Burn that piece of paper and just bury those worries in the ground. No more bitching, it’s time to act.
  • Let shit go. You are probably feeling frustrated, or maybe a bit angrier than usual right now, but you have got to pull your head together and find stillness among the chaos. You have found what has slowed you down; the thoughts that have been rotting you inside and stopped you from being happy, or successful. Now, let that shit go. It doesn’t matter if the barista has got your coffee order wrong, or your house is not as beautiful as you think it would be, or your life isn’t what you expect it to be. The moment that you let attachments go, you will find freedom. 
  • Let go of your fears. This is a moment for you to let go of change and what it comes with it. You may be scared of what the future holds; of not making it by the end of the month, or being able to perform at your job. Be aware of your fears by writing them down, picturing them during your meditation and just..let that shit go. Realise that fear is just a personal construct, an instinctive reaction of our mind to something that we have already experienced before. Challenge the way you think about your fears and write down a plan to tackle them.
  • Spoil yourself. The excessive amount of energy might knock you off. So take this time to celebrate yourself: do some gentle yoga, go for a walk under the moonlight (or on your treadmill). Listen to gentle music. Paint, draw, write – use your creativity. Sip on a cup of herbal tea while reading your favorite book. Watch a horror movie (jokes). Just spoil yourself. Get to know yourself better and let go of the fear of being perfect and accepted by everyone around you. You’re enough.

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