Photographer Takes Rescued Dog On Adventures and Documents The Whole Thing.

I am a sucker for dogs; and if it’s about dogs doing funny and absolutely dorky things, then you can just shut up and take my money.

Maddie The Dog is one of them. Rescued by the photographer Theron Humphrey; Maddie’s fame started after the photographer document her amazing talent at balancing herself on random things and shared it on the blog Maddie On Things.

Now Humphrey has started another project for his talented puppy: a roadtrip! The duo has been travelling across the U.S and their goal is to document their adventures and possibly share the most interesting stories they encounter.

“This project is about having fun… We’re gonna avoid those interstates and say ‘Hi’ to the small dots on the map.”

The project is still going, but you can check out some of these beautiful pictures of their trip on here and hopefully a smile will form on your grumpy face.

If you want to check more of Maddie The Puppy and her adventures with her talented owner, you can follow their adventures on here. This Wild Idea, where you can check out all of the amazing work that Thompson has done to raise awareness on rescue dogs.

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