Stop “Snoozing” On Your Dreams. Make A Decision. {Daily Motivational Video}

You know you’re guilty of doing it. But this video is going to make you jump out of bed at 5AM.

At night we set our alarm for a ridiculous early time and we set our intentions for the next day. We want to wake up early, have a good hearty breakfast, squeeze a run and a quick read before going to work and so on. And it sounds so possible and amazing the thought of waking up early and getting all these things done in the morning.

But then the morning comes. 5AM and your alarm is tearing your head apart; your bed is way too comfortable to come out of it, so you just hit the snooze button and repeat the same process over and over again, until it’s 9AM and you’ve just wasted fours of interrupted sleep.

We miss out on getting things done and we miss out on the pleasure of moving forward in our goals. Why do we do it?

Because we don’t want it badly enough.

If you really cared about your dream, your goals, your fitness, whatever it is that it’s important to you right now; you would wake up and feel grateful for waking up that early. You would jump out of bed and hit your chest like a Spartan warrior and scream “THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!”

But do no fear. It’s human. It’s human to think that we have so much time ahead of us; that there will always be a tomorrow, a next day, or a perfect moment to do what we need to get done. It’s true. There will always be a tomorrow, but today is what counts.

When you make the decision of waking up today and work your ass off for your goals is what counts. When you hit the snooze button, or your postpone your plans for another day, you simply don’t care about your dreams.

You think that sleeping, watching a show, or hanging out with friends is more important than working on the things you should be working on. And that’s fine; life is not just hard work and being successful. But work and then play.  Because at the end of the day, YOU will through this life by yourself, YOU want to achieve whatever you want to achieve, and YOU need to work your ass off to get where you want to be, because there are people who are already waking up early and putting the effort and the passion that you lack of, when you accept comfort and fun over your dreams.

So make a decision.

I watch this video every night to remind me why I wake up the next morning and do the things that I need to do to get where I want to be in my life.

Now, what is YOUR motivation to wake up at 5AM?

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