Alex Honnold Blows Our Minds Free-Climbing 2,500 Feet.

I had no idea who Alex Honnold was until I stumbled on this video of him free-climbing El Sendiero Luminoso (25,000 feet), shot by North Face.

After I watched the video, I didn’t even need to Google fact and likes of this man; he is that interesting that the video pretty much introduced himself.

For those who have no idea who this fellow might be, Alex Honnold is not your ordinary athlete. Bright engineering student, he Alex dropped out of Berkley at 19 years old, to follow his true passion: rock climbing.

And not just ordinary rock climbing, which is an incredible sport by itself. He has devoted his life to climbing the toughest walls by himself and mostly with no support. Yes, you read it; he climbs with no ropes.


Other than that, he is passionate about global warning, lives in his van and spends less than a thousand dollars a month, because he finds that  being free from commitments such as rent, 9-5 jobs and bills allows him to travel all over the country and the world, and dedicate his time to his true passion: rock climbing.

He also wrote a book on his journey, you can check it out here. Alone On The Wall.



It’s obvious that Alex is trained and passionate about his dangerous hobby, so it’s clear that he commits to reaching the summit because he knows he is able to. But let’s focus on the basic principle that drives him to literally risk his life to climbs a really dangerous wall: because he loves it.

Because he loves rock climbing, he is not going to let his fear of falling and dying to ruin the potential of reaching the summit.

If you’re scared to throw yourself into something that you really desire and desperately wish it happened for you, do it. You don’t have to be without support, or a fall back; that’s for professionals and Alex Honnolds. Count your eggs, calculate your risks and go for it anyway.


If Alex didn’t trust himself, he wouldn’t be able to climb a wall without any ropes. If you doubt on your skills and your capabilities, you will inevitably fall because you are immediately telling your brain that you are going to fail anyway.

Don’t think black and white. Even though it’s reaching the summit, or dying falling down the mountain when it comes to rock-climbing, life is a lot more gray than you think.

Do your best to reach the summit and learn from the times that you fall and hit your ass really hard on the ground. You only learn the best from falling, because it’s when you look up to see how far you have got to go, then you realise how badly you want to get there.

Source: Pictures from Alex’s Website.


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