This Movie Will Absolutely Change Your Life.

You know those days when you turn the tv on and all you see is just: conflict, anxiety and corruption? Right then, I got the movie for you.

Every day is bad news day. Our society is not only heavily influenced by a war propaganda pushed by major media publications, but horrible things happen every day and they go undocumented, or they get twisted and mixed to the point we don’t know what’s real and what’s not.

I don’t know about you, but to me a movie has to tell me a story. Not only that, but it has to engage me to the point that I become part of the story.

Movies on important topics that ignite social change find it hard to break it big, because people are getting less interested and more scared about what goes on outside of their glitter front door.

We turn our heads the other way, because we face the daily struggle of living on a planet that is becoming harder to live in; and we just want to come home from work, grab a beer and sit in front of another James Franco and Seth Godin offensive comedy about some poor country to mock about  and just pretend that our reality is just a big satire. Like a silent Charlie Chaplin’s movie. (I am just joking, whatch all the dude comedies as much as you like).

But then there are people who fight through this mentality and they fight to sit our asses down to the couch and make us listen to a hard story. People who could have taken their talents to big production movies and made another stupid movie about a man acting like a teenager and cash a lot of money and call it a “huge success”.

People like Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French photographer and journalist, who found himself stuck in rural Mali after his helycopter broke down and spent the following days talking to the locals, asking about their stories, their hopes and dreams.

And  that’s how “HUMAN”, one of the most remarkable and innovative documentary on the human race was born.

Helped by a team of 16 people from different backgrounds and languages, a huge support by the United Nations and Google, the photographer has interviewed around 2,020 people from all over the world and circumstances, and asked them about the real questions.

The result is just unbelievable. You can’t put into words how incredible and magic it is to watch a stranger talk about intimate and mostly tear-inducing things that happened to them. The interviews go over everything: love, work, injustice, sexual orientation, feminism, war and poverty.

It’s a hard documentary to watch, but when are we going to finally realise that we need to keep our eyes and ears open, so we can learn from other people’s experiences and struggles?

HUMAN is NOT an easy documentary to watch in the way it show raw and authentic stories of people who went through a great deal to have a normal life.

But HUMAN is definitely a documentary you should watch, because it will stir something inside of you; you will want to react to injustices that affect a huge majority of the world population, you will feel connected to a person on the screen more than any other fictional movies you have ever seen.

Thankfully for Google and Bertrand, Human is available on YouTube for free and with subtitles in different lanaguages.

The documentary is made out of three parts. Watch them down below:




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