School Captain Calls Out Private School.

This private school graduate just took a hit against her private school during Rotary speech.

Sarah Haynes is not an ordinary teenager. School captain of one of the most prestigious school in Sydney , the Ravenswood School of Girls, outgoing and well-spoken, she took the opportunity to share her high school experience in the most memorable way.

Instead of delivering a speech for the end-of-school event and seeing censored it like previous times when she tried to send out an empowering message only to be blocked by the school for being too “real” and not in line with the school’s image; Sarah got tired of the ‘no’s and waited for the right moment to throw a truth bomb.



In her speech, Sarah talked about the false representation of a perfect privates school, quoting Hannah Montana and denouncing the negativity impacts of the obsession with attaining perfection among the private schooling system. How it belittles, puts down and discourage young girls from achieving success and self-confidence, simply by pretending unattainable level of perfection and academic success for the image of the school.

[Go to minute 3:01 to watch the actual speech]

“I don’t know how to run a school but it seems to me that today’s schools are being run more and more like businesses where everything becomes financially motivated, where more value is placed on those who provide good publicity or financial benefits,” 

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