How To Make 2016 Your Year

We are almost halfway through the first month of the year.

People are flooding the weights room at the gym, everyone’s favorite order is green juice and yes, we are definitely pinning motivational quotes on your 2016 mood board.

Nothing wrong with that. I despise the overwhelming cynicism that affects people at the start of the year when they see that people are trying to change their lives. Those who complain about everybody signing up the gym in January and quitting the next day, or they look down on people starting businesses, or planning their travelling.

No matter how slow and stupid your journey might feel, you are still going forward compared to the army of grumpy and self-absorbed people whose only resolution for this year is to poison other people’s lives with their trolling comments.

Don’t listen to them, because they only come from a place of dissatisfaction with themselves and their own lives, and a poor coping method.

So you have started well; you have written down your goals and set your mind to achieve them. But then it hits you.

After the first week of fun and the tough week after that, you can feel your motivational juices escaping your body. Hello, motivation? It’s me. Please, come back!

It’s completely understandable, don’t be so hard on yourself.

All you need now is something to get your focus and energy juices back, so that you can keep kicking ass.

So I have made this quick and easy video for you.

Let me know if you liked it, and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this one! 



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