30.01.16 / we are all the same mix of pain and fears.

Instagram keeps cutting my captions. So here’s the story.




Yesterday a good and wise friend of mine said something that really got me thinking the whole night. I am talking about post-conspiracy documentary kind of awakening, people.
She said: “You know, we grow up thinking that we are going to be this great dancer, or great writer, or even a politician; but then life really screw up with people like you and I.  We don’t come from rich parents, easy short-cuts or summer miracles, we have to work hard and swallow a lot of stuff between shitty jobs, struggling at the end of the months and throwing ourselves into the wrong things just to feel a tiny bit better about our beige lives.
But it’s not like we didn’t have a choice. We did have a choice to become the great dancer, or whatever the great next big thing is. It’s just that when it came down to decide between a long and hard walk to a childhood dream and working so hard that you can’t miss the opportunity to make it..we just gave up.
We decided to give up on the idea of putting in that hard work to become what we wished to become, because it’s easier to live pretending like it was some stupid childhood dream”
It is and take a hard look around.
We think that the people around us, those who don’t make it (to society’s standards), who scrub the toilets, serve our food, who don’t know so they teach – we think they don’t know any ambition.
They are just some cold-hearted, frustrated androids, programmed to work more than the average working week to scrap some pennies to come back to their average lives void of the glitz and glamour of a 9-to-5 career, nor of anything worthy to be snapped and shared to become an ‘influencer’.
But it’s not like that. A long time ago we were all kids with big dreams and big hopes for the future, but then fear overtook us. And the inevitable obstacles that a modern society can put on whoever isn’t lucky to be born in health, wealth and hit the genetic lottery (spoiler: it’s straight, white, cis male).
It’s a fear that is born in the darkness, hidden in classrooms when we get called names, when we fail subjects; it crawls through our  family dinner conversations, when we put a brave face to not disappoint. It blossoms in relationships, when we are left with that belief that – they are right, we are not good enough.
It’s a huge backpack that we all carry through our lives, a universal burden of suffering, frustration and failed dreams.
Open your eyes and meet the friends you have in common with the person in front of you: Mr Fear and Miss Pain.

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