4.02.16 #LetThemStay.

When Instagram deletes my caption.


You would be living under a rock if you were in Australia and weren’t aware of the constant terror that the Aussie government has in regards of the refugee situation.
You’d think that it couldn’t get any worse after stranding desperate and traumatised people and children locked up on an island, while figuring out what to do with them; however, it does get worse than this.
The high court just decided that of those 267 people who got medical aid in Australia, after being rescued from the trauma of escaping from your own country and fleeing into a one that doesn’t want you and risking your life while doing it, well they are being sent back to Nauru, the asylum detention centres.
Since I have seen a constant flow of misinformation and uneducated memes on the internet about refugees getting more money than pensioners, or refugees raping Australians and whatever fits a good old conspiracy that can buy votes from people who simply can’t put two and two together, I am going to tell you straight up now why you should care about this and demand to #LetThemStay and join the rallies and the protest around Australia.
I am going to dust my protest-shoes off and go to a rally tomorrow in Brisbane. If you want to join it starts at 12pm. If you can’t make it, share this or what you think of this, using the hashtag #LetThemStay.
[Read more on  the link in the description]
This is what you need to know about these people and their children being sent back to the detention centres.
1. Of those 267 people who are being sent back, 37 are babies who were a miracle to born in such devastating circumstances, but with the misfortune of being born into a country that is ready to send them to a place of abuse and health uncertainties. Child psychiatrists have said that this can lead to a lifetime of trauma for these babies, as they have been born by traumatised mothers who might not be able to bond with them and of which already 15 women of that group have attempted suicide.
2. Some of the women who are being sent back to the centres have been sexually assaulted in the centres and it’s a traumatic experience for them to be sent back there, where they are 100% convinced it will happen again. Nope, police in Nauru doesn’t really believe them, so they have barely made the abusers accountable for their actions.
3. Children have been physically and mentally abused in the centres. Months spent behind bars and in a confined place, lacked of proper education and freedom lead to severe cases of PSTD and abuse. Many children have been practising self-harm, talked about suicide and expressed their distress from a young age.
Here are some of the things that children have said about their lives, taken from interviews done by child psychologists in detention centres:
  • “Somebody is chasing me and trying to grab me from behind and scare me. Then I run after my Mum and she is not there” 6yo girl

  • “I am scared in my room every night at 10 pm when they walk and open the door for the head count. I think someone is going to take me away.” 9yo girl

  • “I worry about the army.” “I feel like someone is coming from behind to hurt me.”

  • “In my heart I feel alone without happiness.”

    “When I am at school I am happy but back in detention I feel sick.”

    “At school the difference between me and them is more obvious.”

    “At school I think about the future and get sad. Other students don’t understand.”

  • “His friend ate razors and got out of detention into the community. He says If I jump from the balcony, eat sand, drink shampoo maybe I will get out. The psychologist said it’s normal. “Mother of boy 9y

More distressing interviews on the official report that can be read here.
I don’t know how else to explain to people that this is a pressing issues that concerns every single one of us.
There are human rights reports, psychologist reports, world news, UN’s assessments – all of these are telling Australia to get their act together, yet nothing is being done.
So I am going to dust my protest-shoes off and go to a rally tomorrow in Brisbane. If you want to join it starts at 12pm. If you can’t make it, share this or what you think of this, using the hashtag #LetThemStay.
Other rallies:

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