5 Things You Didn’t Know Leo Did For The Planet.

Forget the dad-bod. Introduce Leo, the ‘Climate Change Dad’

Leo Di Caprio has won over our hearts one movie and climate change speech at the time – no doubts on that.

From teenage heart-throbs post-Titanic and  early Romeo+Juliet, to making us stan and desperately demand the academy for that Oscar award that so needs to be in his hands now – Leo DiCaprio is everybody’s favourite celebrity, whether you admit it or not.

But there is more to love besides the flawless acting, the baby face and that magnetic ‘I look bad, but I am actually pretty good’ magnetic gaze that made him so famous.

Leonardo DiCaprio has quietly excelled at something behind the scenes of the movies that made him so famous: saving the planet. Or at least he’s been trying to use the fame and the money that comes from being one of the best actors in the industry in encouraging real talk and actions on the effect of global warming.

In the next couple of weeks, Leo’s face will be plastered all over magazines and tv screens for the imminent Oscars Awards, where he might miss the opportunity (once again) to finally be applauded for a well-deserved performance. Or he finally might win!

Either way, let’s give him some credit for putting the same commitment and perseverance that he does with his acting, as he does it for the planet.




  1. He has his own environmental foundation to protect Earth’s wild species at risk of extinction.

Leo started investing and getting interested in protecting the planet before it was cool to hashtag #LoveEarth. In 1998, he established his own foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation, that aims to protect biodiversity, ocean conservation, wild land conservation and climate change.

The foundation has successfully been granted many investments and projects thanks to Leo’s fanbase and fame and it has been recently featured in the media for taking part of many global conferences on climate change.

You can read more about his foundation on its official website. 


2. He called out on the ‘greedy oil and gas company’ at a World Economic Forum.

Politicians and public figures do it every day, I know. But Leo DiCaprio is a successful and famous actor with a huge fan base across at least three generations; so for him to use his fame and tell the big companies who run the world to ‘know better and do better’ with our world (and money) – it’s pretty incredible.


We simply cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity. Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied, and even covered up the evidence of our changing climate.

Enough is enough. You know better. The world knows better. History will place the blame for this devastation squarely at their feet.”

And if that wasn’t enough, he announced a fresh $15 mil of grants that were going to environmental protection projects, which included the grant that went to protect 6.5 million of acres of rainforest from Sumatra, from being destroyed by the palm oil industry.




3. He bought an island in Belize and turned it into an eco-sustainable resort.

Celebrities like Richard Branson and Marlon Brando have been buying islands like they were candy; but when will your fave buy a unpopulated island in Belize and restore it to its natural state, before overfishing, deforestation and pollution had destroyed it? Yep, not many celebrities.

Leo hoped to start a movement among the Hollywood real estate industry, focusing on buying properties that can be restored and be brought back to its original landscape properties.


4.  He will produce the adaption of the climate-change young adult books ‘The Sandcastle Empire’.

Because of his stellar performance in ‘The Revenant’, the movie by Alejandro González Iñárritu wasn’t enough, Leo wants to make climate change the next big thing.

And looking at the pop-cultural impact that the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games and other successful young-adult books have had among young people; we can understand why Leo would want to invest into such a thing.


The young adult novel takes place in 2049, when the Earth has reached breaking point from coastal flooding, overpopulation and other effects of climate change.

It tells the tale of a young girl who must face a faction known as the Wolfpack, who overthrow the government as the world nears its end.

5. He dedicated his Golden Globe to First-Nation people. 

Thank you, mom; thank you, God.. blah bla. Nope, this time Leo dedicated the award for Best Actor at the Golden Globes to indigenous people around the world.

“To the Indigenous peoples of the world: it is time we recognise your history and we protect your Indigenous lands from corporate interests and people who are out there to exploit them,” he said.

“It is time we heard your voice and protected this planet for future generations.


So whether you win or not, Leo; you still have our hearts, because of your constant effort in trying to make the world a tiny bit better.

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