CAROSELLO MIX 🎁 #1 – What to watch, read and listen to this week.

My weekly selection of movies, docos, music and articles that kick ass.


So I have finally stopped riding the horse of over-productivity and have been trying to watch, listen and read things that are not related with technology, business and all the exciting (but dry) material we groom ourselves with to climb the corporate ladder.

So this is what I have been up to this week. Carosello means ‘carousel’ in Italian–as you can imagine– and I am not sure why I have picked that word specifically, other than the fact that I have a real obsession with carousels.

So here’s what you can watch, read and listen to this week.




McCULLIN – Documentary


This isn’t going to be a feel-good documentary. If you’re looking for warm and fuzzy, do not watch this documentary. If you want to open your eyes to the devastating effects of conflicts and learn about the story and art of a brave and talented man––then this is perfect.

Don McCullin is an award winning photojournalist. Raised in a violent and impoverished North London, McCullin broke into photo journalism by luck at 23 years old, after submitting pictures of his friends from a gang to the picture editor of The Observer. 

A mother and her child in a refugee camp from the war in Bangladesh by Don McCullin. 1971. S):

Throughout his life, he has traveled all over the world to document the devastating effects of war; from working side by side with American soldiers in Vietnam, to shooting starving children and violence in the Biafra region.

The documentary exquisite cinematography; from the music to McCullin storytelling, your eyes will be glued to the screen despite the violence that it shows.

I had no idea who McCullin was until I stumbled upon this documentary, and I am glad to have discovered the work of one of the greatest photographers of our time.

You can watch the documentary on Netflix, or  on Youtube.


IRIS APFEL – Documentary


I had waited for this documentary to be made for years. What’s there not to like in a 90-year old fashionista whose signature is gigantic glasses and slays fashion week with eccentric, bright outfits?

I think that everyone with a slight interest in fashion is obsessed with Iris Apfel. Because of her candid nature and, obviously, her frivolous unique style.

Interior designer by profession, Iris and her husband Carl traveled the world scouting for unique and beautiful objects and clothes, forming a collection that attracted the interest of the Met Gala.

Iris will make your student apartment look like one of those fake rooms in Ikea. She has collected so much stuff over the years that she has to keep it in three separate apartments!

How Iris Apfel made growing old cool - That's Not My Age. We can all learn a thing or two from her.:

She is absolutely hilarious, especially when she walks into random shops and finds interesting accessories and bargains them until she gets the price that she wants.

If you have interest in fashion, or you are into watching episodes of extreme hoarders, you will like this documentary.

You can watch it on Netflix.







Oh. my. god. This movie was hilarious. I have a weakness for movies set in Northern France for two reasons. One, because despite my fluency in the language, Northern French is basically impossible for me to understand, so I dig the challenge. Two, because they always make fun of the stereotype o close-minded bigot living in the French countryside.

The African Doctor is the true story of a newly graduate African doctor, Seyolo, who lands a job as a doctor in the middle of the countryside in North France. Seyolo somehow convinces his family to move to the small and close-minded village in France, where locals are scared and intimidated by his family because they have never seen black people before.

The movie is just hilarious and just filled with Disney-like light humor. Given the recent political events that have pushed extremism and discrimination to mainstream culture, this movie is an incredible reminder that there might still be hope somehow.

The movie is obviously in French, but there are subtitles on Netflix.


I am not always 100% what is going on with Lady Gaga’s looks, but I am down with whatever she comes up with because she has the ability to transform her looks to match whatever artistic mood she is in. I respect that. Nothing will ever top the Monster age, but I am really digging this pop-country and hillbilly sound of the new album, even the massive blonde wig.

Her voice is incredible during her performance at the AMA.


Music snobs, calm down. Nothing means more like summer than a pop hit with some tropical beats, and it’s quite surprising that the Australian duo, The Veronicas, got onto it. Especially when their pop-rocky ballads were so popular among emo teenagers. (Come on, I know that you cried to Untouched at least once!)

The only reason why I like this song (other than being perfectly timed for jump squats) and this video is that for once we have a hit song with a music video featuring a non-straight couple. Not surprising since it was directed by massive babe Ruby Rose!


I started saying that I listened to the XX only because I KNEW that it was cool to listen to the XX. I was 16 and trying to get an indie boyfriend after that stupid 500 days of summer movie, so give me a break. But anyone would be stupid not to love The XX. They are just incredibly talented, with a unique sound and the ability to somehow bring you joy despite the gloomy and depressing sound.

On Hold is their new single and it’s completely different from all of their other songs. It’s slightly happy with a tinge of sadness, like a tight hug to say goodbye to the person you love the most.

Their Saturday Night Live performance was also incredible.



I don’t know anything about hip-hop and I am not embarrassed to admit it. But since I have binge watched The Get Down in a couple of days, I have been trying to educate myself. So I stumbled upon A Tribe Called Quest’s new video of We The People, part of the new album We Got It From Here…thank you 4 your service, and I discovered that a) I really don’t know anything about good hip-hop and b) I really don’t listen to much new music if it took me this long to know about A Tribe Called Quest.

Anyhow, this whole album––this song in particular––makes me want to run outside and start a revolution.


Dalai Lama: Behind Our Anxieties, The Fear Of Being Unneeded. 

Dalai Lama’s reflections on Trump’s victory and the wave of extremism and fear of the ‘other’ that is spreading globally.

This Is The First Ten Years Of Your Career

This really opened my eyes to how obsessed we are with success and accomplishments nowadays. A short read on climbing up the corporate ladder.

Obama talking about Artifical Intelligence

I love robots. I love Obama. I think Wired wrote this article just for me. Nerds, rejoice!

The things you need to stop wasting your time on.

If you are overly anxious and constantly dwelling on unimportant details, this is the article for you. Things I kind of did know (but blatantly ignored), but still great for those who haven’t realized yet.

To the First Lady, With Love.

One of the best profiles on Michelle Obama–actually, on anyone–that I have ever read. Not to mention the pictures!


So what did you think of this long list of things you will be procrastinating with?

I hope you enjoyed it and I am open to all kinds of suggestions and recs on books, movies, tv series etc.

Il carosello will be published weekly on a Wednesday. 🍑

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