#CHALLENGEYOASS is not about asses, or much about fitness. We are not trying to become the next Kayla Itsines, nor we want you to swear.

CYA was born to be a lifestyle blog, where a 23-year-old confused girl could share her daily challenges, while stumbling onto the real world.

But CYA is now something else.

Its purpose is to be like a positive portal for people who have lost their spark, or their way through the craziness of 9-5 jobs and full-time social media frenzy; and to finally inspire and motivate (AND KICK YO ASS) into getting back on track with your careers, goals and dreams.

But self-help isn’t just about improving your career, or getting fit. We want to challenge your mind, you thoughts and your ideas, but spreading a positive message, but also using a accessible platform like social media to discuss and spread ideas that can change our society.

We discuss climate change, sexism and invite you to open your eyes as much as possible, whether it’s on Instagram, or on YouTube.

B E H I N D ย T H E ย S E C T I O N Sย 

#CHALLENGER:ย Features the profile of people – celebrities, average looking people – anyone who has got out of their comfort zones and achieved the impossible. Read the challenger profiles for more:ย inspiration, motivation and genuine interest in how the leaders of our society have been able to rise to the top.

โ˜€๏ธA FEW OF OUR FAVORITES: Misty Copeland,ย Lessons From Malalaย , The Best President In The Worldย ย 

#HOWTO:ย The HowTo articles have a very specific purpose: guidance and raw, straight-up truth bomb. You know when you are feeling lost and confused about your life, or anything that upsets you and you just can’t find the right way to relax, or what the next step is? Right, the HowTo articles are for that. They serve as a guide to build up your confidence step-by-step. But they are honest, they might be a bit too strong and tough, but that’s what you need to rise above your challenges.

โ˜€๏ธA FEW OF OUR FAVORITES:ย How I Quit Coffee (And Lost My Mind), How To Deal With The Post-Graduation Feels, How To Recover From The Victoria’s Secret Show.ย 



Just because we are passionate about self-growth and positivity, it doesn’t mean that we are ignoring the pressing issue of global warming. CYA LOVES to raise awareness on the increasing danger of rising temperatures and carbon emission. We blogged about climate change for a week, bloody hell!ย 

We want you to love yourself, but also love others. We are passionate about issues that you don’t necessarily see on the news, or hear over the dinner table. We want you to stop feeling embarrassed of not knowing what the heck is going on with the world, and start using your powerful voice to spark some change.

And finally, ย just a lot of #storytime. A lot of truth bombs; some bitter, some hilarious. The point of it all is that CYA wants to take you into a journey of self-discovery that sees tapping into the inner curious child you once where.


For daily inspiration, follow the CYA Instagram account @challengeyoass that you can also find on the front page.

– Challenge yo ass, yo mind and yo planet and be nice. That’s what we are about.ย 

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