How To Be Alone. (How To Kick Loneliness In The Butt)

Hanging out by yourself is the new Snapchatting.
Red meat is bad for our health, not to mention for the environment. Driving your car every day is like committing environmental suicide. We should meditate in the morning, moisturise at night, and try to cut down on social media.
Have I forgotten anything else?
Itโ€™s becoming more and more complicated to live a healthy, balanced life with all these hidden, invisible rules we have to abide to.
Every year society comes up with a new diet, or โ€˜life prescriptionโ€™ as I like to call them, on how to live a happier and more fulfilling life.
Want to be successful? Do this.
Want to feel healthier and fit? Drink this detox tea.
Do all of these things and increase your chance of finally feeling like youโ€™re normal, like everybody else.

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How To (Finally) Stop Procrastinating

Isn’t it ironic; it took me two hours to write down this how-to guide for you, because I was torn between writing and watching another episode of Parks and Rec, while making playlists on my Spotify.

It doesn’t matter how productive you are; at least once in your life you were facing a huge task and you simply shook your head and walked away from it. And this is when it gets scary. The task starts as a snowflake and it slowly turns into this huge avalanche of anxiety and stress.

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